Catch the Spirit of Tyburn!

17 Clymer Street
Auburn, NY 13021

Phone: (315) 252-2937
Fax: (315) 252-4173

Welcome to Tyburn Academy

Tyburn Academy is a private, independent Junior/Senior High School (Grades 7-12) in the Catholic tradition, chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. Since 1993, Tyburn Academy has served the students in the City of Auburn as well as the entire Finger Lakes region. We are located in the Rochester diocese and border the Syracuse diocese.

We at Tyburn believe that there is much more to education than facts and equations. Our goal is to address the whole child, his/her mind and heart. The curriculum challenges and prepares students for educational and professional pursuits beyond their high school years.

Christian ethics are the real foundation of Tyburn. Each class begins with a prayer and students, as well as faculty, strive to keep this spirit with them as they move through the day. Tyburn Academy students learn that there is a time for fun as well as a time for work.

Students, faculty, and parents come together to work, help and support each other in a Christian community. Each student is a special creation of God and students accept and respect one another and help one another to become all that each is capable of becoming. This is an atmosphere in which each person’s gifts are valued and each one contributes to the betterment of the whole community. Student growth at Tyburn is encouraged spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically.