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The Tyburn Student

The Tyburn student will be instructed in the classical liberal arts and sciences. The Board and faculty share a unity of purpose with parents to foster the intellectual and moral development of students. Christian values are the foundation basic to all our endeavors and form the principles to

which Tyburn Academy adheres.


The code of conduct at Tyburn Academy is based upon Natural Divine Law (Ten Commandments -- God's laws to us for right behavior). Our goal for each student is that he or she grows in goodness. All members of the Tyburn community are expected to strive to attain the greater good for the whole community. As a member of the Tyburn Academy community all students are to practice good

citizenship in school and within their respective communities. In so doing, we separate ourselves from self-centeredness, fostering instead, a generous spirit, which is willing to make sacrifices for the good of all, as did Jesus Christ, our Divine Model. Students are recognized for exemplary behavior. Our goal is to encourage our students to become the best version of themselves.

Student Handbook

Student Activities and Clubs

Clubs and Activities:

Each year Tyburn Academy offers many opportunities for student involvement in clubs and activities.  The offering varies dependent upon student interest.  The clubs listed below are standard annual clubs, but students are encouraged to bring proposals for new clubs and activities to the administration for approval.


Ski Club -  Students ski at Song Mountain; they leave directly after school on Fridays for a full afternoon and evening of skiing. A very popular club at Tyburn!


Chess Club - Chess pros and amateurs alike meet Fridays during lunch. All students are welcome, even if they just want to learn how to play the game.  Occasionally, Chess masters are invited in to



Drama Club -  The highlight of the year for Drama club is the Spring Musical which is performed with the St. Genesius Players at the Auburn Public Theater. The Drama club also performs skits for area elementary schools and takes multiple field trips to see other high school and college theater and musical productions.


SGO (Student Government Association)  -  The Student Government Association is a multi-grade level, collaborative group of students who work with a Teacher/Advisor to plan and carry out activities for our student body.  Such activities include, but are not limited to: Spirit Week, Homecoming, Fright Night, Coffee Houses and the Winter Ball.


Frassati Guild - The Frassati Guild is named after Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, a third order dominican who St. John Paul II called “The man of the Beatitudes.”  Blessed Pier Giorgio was known for his joyfulness, sense of humor, athleticism, virtue and selflessness.  He was a faithful servant who cared for the poor and challenged his friends to virtue.


The Frassati Guild is open to all young men at Tyburn Academy and centers around improving the prayer life and spiritual life of all Tyburn students. This organization is involved in many activities including weekly praying of the rosary, monthly adoration, hikes, events and service projects.  While the group is only open to young men, any event held at Tyburn is open to all students.


St. Maria Goretti Guild - The St. Maria Goretti Guild is a club open to all female students at Tyburn Academy. The mission of this guild is to help all its members truly understand what is means to be a daughter of God and to emulate Maria’s virtues, namely, deep love of God, respect for one’s body, courage for love of Christ to defend one’s faith and Christ like forgiveness. Activities include focusing on the virtue of the month, female saint study and inspirations, prayer, adoration, service in the community and aiding in maintaining the chapel.


St. Maria Goretti, called by Pope Pius XII “the St. Agnes of the 20th century,” was born on a small farm near Ancona, Italy, in 1890. Her father died when she was 9. Her family was very poor and Maria would cook, sew and keep the house orderly while her mother, sisters and brother worked in the fields. She was described by her mother as “happy, openhearted, but with a sense of seriousness beyond her years, and never disobedient.” Through her short life she strove with all her strength

to do better each day. When Maria was barely 12 Alessandro Serenelli, whose family shared the

house with the Gorettis, attempted to rape her. Maria protested and was stabbed 14 times. She

died the next day but not before she forgave Alessandro “for the love of Jesus.” On July 25, 1950,

she was canonized in a ceremony attended by 25 million people including her mother, the 1st

mother ever to see her daughter canonized, and Alessandro Serenelli, her killer. She is the Patron Saint of teenage girls and youth.


Teens 4 Life -  Open to all students, the Teens 4 Life Club meets to discuss  life issues and the importance of respecting life from conception to natural death.  They participate in the “40 Days for Life” in the Fall, the Bishop’s Mass for Life in Syracuse in October, and the March for Life in Washington

DC in January.  Movie nights and prayer vigils are held during the year, as well as fundraisers and events to help pregnant women in need.


Prom Committee - comprised mostly of Seniors, the Prom committee meets throughout the year to plan the annual Spring Prom.


Yearbook - Juniors and Seniors work throughout the year in the layout and design of the school yearbook.


Choir - Members of the school choir practice weekly in preparation for the Winter and Spring Concerts.


Band - The school band practices together weekly in preparation for the school concerts.


National Honor Society - See Academics




One purpose for a dress code is uniformity. A dress code takes the focus away from self and redirects it towards the things around us that deserve our attention. Tyburn Academy promotes the intellectual and moral development of the student through policies and rules that encourage virtue. In the case of a dress code, several Christian virtues are exercised: modesty, humility, obedience and simplicity. Students, therefore, are expected to undertake the spirit and the letter of Tyburn Academy's standard of dress. Should a student choose to disregard school dress policy, parents will be notified to bring the proper clothing to the school. Violation of the dress code policy will result in disciplinary action.

Students are expected to stay in complete uniform during the school day.


In regard to personal appearance and uniforms, the judgment of the faculty is final as to what is proper. As long as a student is on school grounds, he or she must wear the uniform properly and completely. After school, any change into civilian clothing must be modest and appropriate as deemed so by the administration.


More information in the Student Handbook, Page 12


Activities and Clubs


The Tyburn Student

Student Handbook

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