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Family Involvement


The Tyburn Parent



The Role of Tyburn Parents and Caregivers

Parents and families are vital to each students success.  When students see their parents involved in the school it gives them a shared respect in the school as a whole and reinforces the importance of each child’s education.


Throughout the school year we offer events that bring the parents and families of students together, from the Beginning-of-the-Year Family Picnic, to family-fun events, concerts, musicals, fundraisers, sporting events, and community service initiatives.

TPO:Teacher/Parent Organization

The Tyburn-Parent Organization exists to work in collaboration with the Tyburn Students, Staff and Board of Directors.  Monthly meetings are held to discuss fundraisers, activities and growth of the school.  Successful fundraisers have included the SU Banquet, Car Raffles, the Ball for the Brave, as well as many others.


Parents earn Bridge Points for participating in TPO meetings and Tyburn events.



Attendance is an important part of a student's academic record. Often college admissions boards will review the attendance of a student during the admissions process. Good attendance practices indicate that a student is motivated, responsible, and willing to learn. Tyburn Academy adheres to strict

attendance policies, which are detailed below.



Students are considered to be late if they are not present by the beginning of homeroom at 7:50 am. The warning bell will ring at 7:45 and the late bell will ring at 7:50. If a student is tardy, he/she must report immediately to the office and get a pass for class. Upon arrival, students who are late must bring a note from the parents containing the date, the reason for the lateness, and the parent signature. Five tardies in one marking period are considered excessive. Students will receive a detention once they have been tardy five times or at the discretion of the administration. If the tardi-ness persists, a Saturday detention may be assigned to assist students in recognizing the importance of punctuality. More significant consequences can also be assigned if student attendance expecta-tions are not being met and persistent tardies are accumulating. Attendance is taken in homeroom and at each assigned class and study period.

• The parent or guardian of a student who will not be in school is to call the school between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. A member of the office staff will notify parents if a student is absent and the school has not been notified.

• Students must arrive to class prepared and on time. A two minute passing time is provided between classes to ensure prompt arrival at each class. Students who are tardy to class will receive an after school detention. Chronic tardies will result in a Saturday detention.

• On the day that the student returns to school, he/she must present a dated note to main office personnel, which has been signed by the parent or guardian. New York State Law requires this note. The note needs to include the date(s) and the reason(s) for the absence.

• Under New York State Education Law absence/tardiness to school shall be excused only for the following reasons, which must be recorded in a written note from the student's parent or guardian by the following school day.

a. Illness of student

b. Serious illness or death in the student's family

c. Serious illness or epidemic disease in the household where the student resides

d. Medical or dental appointments. We request that all efforts are made to make after school appointments. Students arriving late or leaving during school hours for such appointments will be required to bring a note from the medical office stating the time of the appointment and parents must sign them out in the main office.

e. Religious observance

f. Required court appearance

g. Impassable roads

h. Other educational activities as determined by the faculty of Tyburn Academy

• A student who is absent from school for reasons other than listed above is considered truant.

• The student has the responsibility to contact each teacher to make up class work, assignments and tests. The make-up work is due within the specified time limits as set by each teacher. Since class participation is part of a student’s grade, frequent absences may negatively affect performance.

• If a student is truant, he/she may not receive credit for any missed work, and he/she will not be given the opportunity to make-up that work.

• Parents will be asked to attend a meeting with administration for excessive absences. Absences in excess of five per quarter or twenty per year will place the student in academic jeopardy, and he/she may not earn course credit or qualify for graduation.

• In the case of prolonged illness a doctor's excuse must be submitted on the first day the student returns to classes. While the student is absent, parents should request the school to send study assignments to the student.

• Serious attendance issues may also affect the student’s continued enrollment at Tyburn Academy.

Early Excusals All students must have written parental permission to leave school before dismissal at

2:45 pm regardless of age or mode of transportation. Students who leave for an appointment, are asked to return with a note provided by that office.


Illegal absences

We are required by New York State law to record all illegal absences (as listed above) and note them on the students’ permanent records and transcripts. These may result in administrative action or consequences determined by the principal.



The school calendar will aid parents and students in planning family business and vacations to coincide with days on which school is not in session. Parents should plan vacation and/or trips only at school scheduled vacation times. Students may be denied credit for courses for excessive illegal absences. When a student misses school for a scheduled event, they are required to contact the administration and their teachers five days in advance. In such instances of absence, school assign-ments must be made up and turned in to teachers on the day of the return to school. Tests may be made up at the teacher's discretion. Students must bring a written request from parents in order to leave school for an appointment at a specific time. Students must be picked up at the school office.

Students leaving school early must be picked up by their parents or guardians and signed out in the main office.

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