Tyburn Academy of Mary Immaculate

Veritas liberabit vos. The truth will

set you free.



Curriculum Overview


Tyburn Academy is an independent, Regents-chartered middle/high school, whose founder believed that young men and women have a natural capacity and desire for seeking truth through intellectual and spiritual growth. Our aim is to develop the minds of students by exposing them to permanent truths in the intellectual, moral and aesthetic fields. These truths, integrated with the Good News of the Gospel, will free them. Hence our motto: Veritas liberabit vos, "the truth will set you free."

(John 8:32)


Tyburn strives for excellence in the basic skills of learning to prepare students for higher liberal education and for living their faith. Tyburn Academy has a responsibility to those who come here to learn, to study and to progress, that they shall have the opportunity to do so in decency, in peace and in safety. The foundation of this school is Christ, the perfect model for a Christian person.

Virtue, courage and wisdom, goods of the highest order, are the aim of education. It is, therefore, the policy of Tyburn Academy to act firmly and decisively to promote the academic integrity and honor of this institution. We will strive for academic excellence, foster the practice of virtue, and insist on a standard of conduct and attire that will further these ends. With the small class sizes of Tyburn, we anticipate that the student who makes a sincere effort will succeed. The staff will assist the student to develop good study skills and to overcome difficulties.


Tyburn Academy exists in loco parentis; that is, it is not meant to usurp the role of parents, but to help parents fulfill their obligation to foster the intellectual and moral development of their children. Therefore, Tyburn expects the full support of parents in all matters pertaining to the education of

their children.



Students are assisted in College and Career preparation in the Education and Career office. This office assists students in many areas including:


  *  Scheduling

  *  Academic Support

  *  SAT and ACT prep

  *  College Search and Application Process

  *  Scholarships, Grants and Loan searches

Honor Roll/NHS

Vocational Technology - BOCES



Criteria listed below will be used to determine eligibility for membership in the Rev. Albert J.M. Shamon Chapter of the National Honor Society and the National Junior Honor Society: An eligible student must have a cumulative average of 90 % to be offered application. Only the average grades earned at Tyburn Academy or at another accredited school will be used in computing the cumulative average.

a. The NHS standards of Scholarship, Leadership, Character and

Service must be evaluated and met.

b. An eligible student must have attended Tyburn Academy for one

full year prior to NHS selection.

c. A faculty council will review the application of the candidate to be

considered for induction, and will monitor maintenance of

National Honor Society standards.

d. Students who transfer into Tyburn and have been members of the

National Honor Society of their previous school may be eligible

for inclusion.


BOCES Career and Education classes are provided to interested students through their home school district. They are transported daily from Tyburn Academy to the Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES Campus in Auburn.


Information on programs for Juniors and Seniors can be found on the Cayuga-Onondaga BOCES website and include:

• Applied Electrical Technology

 • Auto Body Technology

 • Automotive Technology

 • Computer Systems and Network Administration

 • Construction and Building Trades

 • Cosmetology

 • Criminal Justice

 • Culinary Arts

 • Early Childhood Education

   • Emerging Careers in Commerce

 • Graphic Design and New Media

 • Health Related Occupations

 • Heavy Equipment Repair and Operation

 • Machining and Welding

 • New Visons: Medical Professions

 • Outdoor Power Equipment and Powersports Technology

 • Plant, Animal, and Life Sciences

Special Needs Instruction

Accommodations are provided at Tyburn Academy for students with an IEP through the Auburn School District regardless of the students home district.  Additionally, accommodations for students with a 504 plan are provided at Tyburn Academy through Tyburn Academy.  We welcome discussion from any family concerning their student’s needs for accommodations.


We provide a highly academic environment that offers all students the opportunity to thrive and reach his or her potential.  Our population is a compassionate whole which acknowledges each student’s gifts as a necessary part of a successfully, well-rounded and diverse community.  Tyburn welcomes all students who are willing to take responsibility for their learning and whose parental support reinforces the goals and values of Catholic Education and the Tyburn mission and policies which are outlined in our parent/student handbook.


Tyburn has had students with an IEP or a 504 plan who have gone on to prestigious colleges and successful careers.



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• Honor Roll/NHS

• Vocational Technology

• Special Needs

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