History and Our Founder

Tyburn Academy is named to honor over 100 martyrs who gave their lives at Tyburn crossroads outside London (1535-1681). Our emblem reminds us of the scaffold at Tyburn on which these martyrs died for their faith. Tyburn Academy of Mary Immaculate is named after the martyrs of Tyburn, England, who gave up their lives in order to remain faithful to the Catholic Church in England in the years following Henry VIII’s separation from the Roman Catholic Church. The dedication and faithfulness of over 100 men and women who were martyred are an inspiration to the school community of Tyburn Academy.


Preparations for the founding of Tyburn Academy started in 1992 by

Father Albert J. M. Shamon and a group of dedicated parents who

wished to provide a Catholic high school education for young people in

the Auburn area. Opening in 1993, Tyburn initially had three students and

was located in a rented classroom. Later, as it grew, it was moved to

St. Hyacinth’s School building on Pulaski Street, where school space was

rented. In 2000 a new building at 50 Wallace Avenue was purchased

and it continued to grow at this location.


Tyburn Academy purchased the St. Mary’s campus on 17 Clymer Street

in 2007, and in 2008 middle school grades 6-8 were added. Our

founder, Father Shamon, passed away in 2003; yet his spirit lives on in

the school. Tyburn Academy continues to carry out the mission of

educating young men and women according to the teachings of Jesus

Christ and the Catholic Church.

Mission Statement

Tyburn Academy of Mary Immaculate provides a quality college preparatory education in the Catholic tradition. Students are instructed in the classic liberal arts and sciences. Guided by the Holy Spirit, the Board of Directors and faculty share a unity of purpose with parents to foster the intellectual and moral development of students. Christian values are the foundation basic to all our endeavors and they form the principles to which Tyburn Academy adheres.

Philosophy of Education

We believe that the most important mission we have is to know, love, and serve Christ through the education of our students.


We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and that our role is to help in fostering the intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of each child as in individual.


We believe in creating an environment based on respect for each individual as a child of God; where students, teachers, and parents can cultivate their life-long desire for learning.


We believe that the role of the teacher is to be a model of virtue and learning whose main objective is to engage the students by facilitating conversation in a structured classroom environment allowing students to discover what is true and then form the arguments to defend it.


We believe that a curriculum rich in Classic Literature & Classic Language, Theology & Philosophy, Fine Arts & Sciences, Music & History combined with Regents and AP courses gives our students the greatest opportunity to discover and succeed in following the path that God has set for them.


We believe that by promoting the highest ideals of scholarship, citizenship, sportsmanship, integrity, and moral development we are providing our students with a priceless and unparalleled education that will last a lifetime.


We believe that the mission of the school shares in the evangelizing mission of the Church.

Father Shamon

Administration & Faculty Directory

2016-2017 TYBURN ACADEMY STAFF (arranged alphabetically)

Ann Adessa – Music

Patrick Armstrong – English

Lisa Blackman – Development Secretary

Anita Casper – Office Manager

Joe Davoli – Band

Regina Delaney – Career and Education Administrator

Maura DelFavero – Administrator

Laurie Faiola – Theology/Art

Mike Falcone – Maintenance

Ann Fallon – Development

Don Fama – Math

Adele Ferretti- District Special Education

Valerie Gibbons - Theology

Kristina Graziadei – Math

Carl Gutelius - Science

Jeanne Hogan – Principal Emeritus

Matthew Johnson – Latin/English

Liz Latanyshyn – Physical Education/Business Math/Spanish

Duke Metroka – Athletic Director

Theodore Mullen – Science

Barbara Murphy – RN/Drama

Conor O’Donnell – History/Theology

Geri Pelc – Librarian

Star Yankton – Business Manager

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Tyburn's History/Founder

Mission Statement

Philosophy of Education

Faculty Directory

 Jeanne Hogan

Tyburn Founder and Adviser

Maura Defavero


“Beautiful indeed and of great importance is the vocation of all those who aid parents in fulfilling their duties and who, as repre-sentatives of the human community, under-take the task of education in schools. This vocation demands special qualities of mind and heart, very careful preparation, and continuing readiness to renew and to adapt."
                - Declaration on Christian

                                     Education, #5


* * *


“Individual subjects must be taught according to their own particular methods. It would be wrong to consider subjects as mere adjuncts to faith or as a useful means of teaching apologetics. They enable the pupil to assimilate skills knowledge, intellectual methods and moral and social attitudes, all of which help to develop his personality and lead him to take his place as an active member of the community of man. Their aim is not merely the attainment of knowledge but the acquisition of values and the discovery of truth.”
            -The Catholic School, #39

Alumni News

Alumni, catch up on the latest news of your former classmates on the Tyburn Alumni Page. We encourage past graduates to send photos and articles on your career success, achievements as well as life events. Submit to Tyburn.

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